Crystal Plans

Your Health is Covered; So is Your Budget

Wouldn't you like a medical insurance to provide coverage against cases which present substantial risks and costs for your health, at much more affordable terms despite more extensive coverage compared to similar products?

AXA SİGORTA offers the "Crystal Plans" which are both affordable and comprehensive, offering coverage of inpatient medical expenses for you and your family.

The purpose of the Crystal Plans are to prevent major medical problems you may face in the future from turning into financial disasters.

The Crystal Plans cover both the costs of inpatient treatments such as surgery or coronary angiography, as well as outpatient ones such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, and minor surgeries, without limits and at a rate of 100%, at contracted institutions.

The Crystal Plans are offered in 3 categories: Superb Crystal Health, Crystal Health, and Eco Crystal Health.

Crystal Health:

Covers substantial medical risks at an affordable price level.

Superb Crystal Health:

In addition to the advantages of the Crystal Health plan, provides coverage of treatment abroad with high limits, for significant conditions such as cancer, heart diseases, and paralysis.

Eco Health Crystal:

In contrast to the Crystal Health packages, this plan offers treatment options at a specific set of contracted institutions, and does not cover treatments abroad.