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Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

What Does This Insurance Cover?

This insurance provides coverage for any damages you may inflict on other vehicles and third parties during an accident.

This is an insurance product required under the Highways Traffic Law nr. 2918.

The insurance provider covers, up to the statutory insurance limits, the legal liability pertaining to the operator under the Highways Traffic Law nr. 2918, for the cases of causing death or injury of a person or inflicting damage on a property during the operation of the motor vehicle identified on the policy.

The damages which may be caused by the trailers or semi-trailers (including light trailers) towed by the vehicle, or by another vehicle under tow of the original vehicle are also covered by the insurance of the towing vehicle. However, trailers used to carry people are covered only in case an additional liability cover is procured through the special terms of the policy.

The reasonable and required expenses the insurance holder may engage in with a view to preventing or reducing the damage during an existing accident are covered by the insurer. This insurance also covers the defense of the operator (insurant) against unfair claims, and shall apply within the territory of Turkey.

For detailed information you can check out the Traffic Insurance Information Center site located at the address www.tramer.org.tr.