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Health Insurance

The most secure way of covering life

What is Health Insurance

We live in fortunate times, in the sense that almost all conditions have a treatment. But do you have the economic power to cover such a treatment? Now, you can get the treatment at select medical institutions of Turkey. Without thinking twice about the treatment costs.

The Health Insurance is offered with five plans:

  • Platinum Extra
  • Gold
  • Crystal
  • Crystal Extra
  • Crystal Modern Diagnosis

What Does The Health Insurance Offer For You?

Under all plans of the Health insurance, your in-patient treatment expenses are covered 100%, without any limits, at contracted institutions, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

The outpatient treatment expenses, on the other hand, are covered at a rate of 80% without limits for the Platinum Extra plan, and at a rate of 80% subject to the limits specified for such treatments, under the Gold plan.

Privileges Of The Crystal Modern Diagnosis Plan

In addition to the inpatient treatment costs, Health Crystal Modern Diagnosis plan covers the costly "Advanced Diagnosis Methods" such as MR, Tomography, Endoscopy etc. without limits and at a rate of 80%. This plan stands out with its affordable cost, in comparison to other plans offering outpatient treatment coverage.