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Complementary Health Insurance

What is Complementary Health Insurance?

Complementary health policy covers the health services you will receive from private health institutions contracted with SGK, within the scope of the product special and general terms. Institutions that have an agreement with SGK should also have a special agreement with AXA SİGORTA for this product.

It is a policy to cover the surcharges the insured may pay for medical services from private medical institutions contracted by the Social Security Agency (SGK), under special and general terms and conditions of the product. The institutions contracted by the SGK should also have a contract with AXA SİGORTA, for this product.

By buying this policy, you can make use of the wide network of institutions which have a contract with SGK, and receive treatment at private hospitals, without paying surcharge.

Who can purchase this product?

Complementary Health Insurance can be purchased by Turkish citizens in the age bracket 0 - 65, who are covered by SGK.

How will I use the Complementary Health Insurance?

All of the following conditions should be met to make use of the Complementary Health Insurance:

  • The insured seeking treatment at a hospital under a contract with SGK.
  • AXA SİGORTA having a Complementary Health Insurance agreement with the hospital under the SGK contract.
  • The physician who carries out the insured patient's procedures at the hospital should have a contract with SGK.
  • The condition for which the treatment is sought should not predate the policy, and should be in line with the special and general terms and conditions of AXA SİGORTA Complementary Health Insurance.

The Complementary My Health Insurance offers two major coverage elements:

Inpatient Treatment Coverage

Inpatient treatments include the following coverage, and are covered at a rate of 100% without limits, under the special and general terms and conditions.

  • Inpatient treatment for surgery and internal diseases
  • Intensive care
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis
  • Coronary angiography
  • Minor surgery expenses
  • Standard private room for one, with meals and one attendant

Outpatient Treatment Coverage

The following coverage is limited to 10 cases* per year, under the special and general terms and conditions, and applies at a rate of 100%.

  • 1. Medical Examination**
  • 2. Laboratory Services
  • 3. Imaging and Diagnosis Methods
  • 4. Advanced Diagnosis Methods
  • 5. Physical Treatment Costs

* Procedures to commence with a medical examination and carried out within a single diagnosis and treatment process are considered a single case.

** In accordance with the rules of SGK, the coverage elements numbered 2-3-4-5 cannot be used alone, and must be used in conjunction with a medical examination.