AXA is one of the most active groups in insurance and asset management of the last 20 years. It operates in many countries worldwide.

AXA today is a world leader in financial protection and wealth management. Our business-Financial Protection-involves responding to the evolving needs of our clients- whether they are individuals, small or medium-sized business, or large corporations-in the areas of insurance, personal protection, savings and estate planning.

Our attitudes:

Available: We are there when our customers need us and we listen to them, truly.

Attentive: We treat our customers with empathy and consideration, provide personalized advice along their lives and reward their loyalty.

Reliable: We say what we do and do what we say, we deliver and keep our customers informed, so that they can trust us.

Key Figures* :

  • 4,3 million euros in net income
  • 90,1 million euros in consolidated total revenues.
  • 5,4 million euros income before tax

*(AXA Annual Report 2008)