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Workplace Package Insurance

Workplace Package Insurance

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Workplace package insurance provides coverage for

Fire, lightning, explosion





Land-air vehicles collusion

Glass break

Strike, lock-out, civil commotion, disturbance, willful misconduct and terror

Financial liability for fire

Loss of rent

Alternative workplace costs

Work stoppage

Debris removal

What Does This Insurance Cover?

As well as

Coverage for theft, cash transportation, breach of trust, employer's financial liability, personal accident, 3rd party financial liability, physical damages, burglary, shelf and shop window fall, false ceiling fall, vehicle crash clause, fire extinguishing costs, costs incurred to prevent damage, post damage infrastructure cleaning and repair costs, lack of insulation, employees' properties, electricity damage, collapse, discretionary construction works, underinsurance, temporary move, legal protection.

You can also procure coverage for damage on your workplace and property, caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, landslides, flooding, landslides caused by excavation, and hailstorms.

In case machinery or electronic devices at your workplace are also prone to hazards, you can also procure machine or electronic device breakdown coverage through this policy.

You can also gain security for trial costs through the Legal Protection Insurance to help in case of a legal dispute.

Perhaps you carry special risks in your operations. You can purchase Product Liability, Internal Commodity Transportation, and Subcontracted Commodity coverage.

These extended coverage options available only in the Workplace Package Insurance allows you to get complete coverage through a single policy.